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HertzbergHerzberg and his colleagues conducted a survey of 200 engineers and accountants representing a crosssection of Pittsburgh industry They were asked to remember times when they felt exceptionally good about their jobs The investigators probed for the reasons why they felt as they did asking for a description of the sequence of events which gave that feeling The questions were then repeated for sequences of events which made them feel exceptionally bad about their jobs The responses were then classied by topic in order to determine what type of events led to job satisfaction and job dissatisfactionthe major finding of the study was that the events that led to satisfaction were of quite a different kind from those that led to dissasitsfaction5 factors stood out as strong determinants of job satisfaction achievement recognition the attraction of the work itself responsibility and advancement for dissatisfaction there was a range of factors company policy and administration supervision salary interpersonal relations and working conditions since such distinctly separate factors were found to be associated with job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction Herzberg concludes that these 2 feelings are not the opposites to one another rather they are concerned with 2 different ranges of human needsthe set of factors associated with the job dissatisfaction are those stemming from the indivduals overriding need to avoid physical and social deprivation in contrast the factores associated with job satisfaction are those stemming from peoples need to realize their human potential for perfectionthe 5 factors if present will elad to job satisfaction but if absent will not lead to job dissatisfactionthe opposite of job satisfaction is not job dissatisfaction but simply no job sat
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