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Mayo founder of Human Relations Movement and of Industrial Sociologythe research that he directed showed the importance of groups in affecting the behavior of individuals at work and enabled him to make certain deduction about what managers ought to doRest pauses were introduced by Mayo and production and morale improved When the operatives took part in fixing the frequency and duration of the pauses a further improvement stwas registered and morale in the whole factory also rose At the end of the 1 year labor turnover in the department concerned was down to the average for the rest of the mill The initial explanation was that in breaking up the monotony of the job the rest pauses improved mental and physical conditions of the workers but subsequent investigations resulted in him changing his explanationthe major investigation which led to this modification is titled the Hawthorne Experiment The rst stage of their inquiry is known as the relay assembly test room Six female operatives engaged in assembling telephone relays were segregated in order to observe the eects on output and morale of various changes in their conditions of work during ve years of experiment A continuous record of output was kept At rst a special group payment scheme was introduced whereas previously the women had been grouped with a hundred other operatives for incentive payment purposes A total of more than ten changes introduced at various times included rest pauses in several dierent forms varying in length and spacing shorter hours and refreshments Before putting the changes into eect the investigators spent a lot of time discussing them with the women Communication between the workers and the research team was very full and open throughout the experimental period Almost without exception output increased with each change madeThe next stage in the experi
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