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Managers stuck in the middle feel pressure from all sidesMiddle managers feel stressed Constant firefighting and balancing conflicting demands of senior management and junior staff are just two of the reasonsbut most still enjoy their jobsIn the discussion about how to change the NHS a lot of weight has been placed on leadership and clinical engagementwhat is a middle manager Although this is an important group not much is known about them and there appears to be little systematic opportunity for the development of their skills and capabilityThe popular stereotype of an NHS middle manager is a young man in a suit who knows little about clinical care Yet our survey shows that more than 70 per cent of middle managers are female more than 35 per cent have a clinical background and 60 per cent are over 40 Our sample and other surveys also suggest that they are significantly less ethnically diverse than the general population and the staff they managePinning down a defnTheir level and responsibilities are quite diverse 56 per cent of our sample said they are responsible for managing staff 12 per cent manage more than 50 staff and 76 per cent manage budgets with 25 per cent responsible for more than1mOne concern evident in the management literature and previous surveys is the difficult balancing act at the heart of middle management role
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