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Raymond E Miles and Charles C SnowMiles and Snow ask how and why organizations differ in strategy in structure in technology and in administrations to align organizations and environments successfully management has to solve 3 problems and solve them continuously1 entrepreneurial problem to choose a general market domain or field of operation in which the organization can be viable to specify the precise target market and devide on the right products or services for it2 Solving the the entrepreneurial problem requires solving the engineering problem ways have to be found of making the products or offering the services3 administrative problem is to organize and manage the workthe aim should be an effective adaptive cycle This means that the entrepreneurial engineering and administrative problems are tackled in coherent mutually complementary ways which enables the organization as a whole to survivein studies of a variety of kinds of organizations Miles and Snow find 4 types of adaptation strategies1 Prospectorsopposite of defenders Aims to find and exploit new opportunities They stress doing doing the right things rather than doing things right Value reputation for innovation than profitability Requires keeping trends Growth comes from new products or services and from new markets rather than from deeper penetration of the sm market as with defender The prospectors gain from being open to fresh possibilities has to be balanced against the risks Requires flexibility Administrative is to facilitate rather than control Decentralized system2 Analyzersattmept to achieve some of the strengths of both defenders and prospectors Try to balance the minimizing of risk and the maximizing of profits Their solution to the entrepreunrial problem is a mixing of stbale and changing products and markets The
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