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FW Taylor pg 151Taylor was the founder of the movement known as scientific managementthe principal object of management should be to secure the maximum prosperity for the employer coupled with the maximum prosperity of each employeefor the employer maximum prosperity means not just large profits in the short term but the development of all aspects of the enterprise to a state of permanent prosperityfor employees maximum prosperity means not just immediate higher wages but personal development so that they may perform efficiently in the highest grade of work for which their natural abilities fit themthe mutual interdependence of management and workers and the necessity of their working together towards the common aim of increased prosperity for all seemed completely selfevident to taylore He was thus driven to ask why is there so much antagonism and inefficiencyhe suggests 3 causes1 the fallacious belief of the works that any increase in output will inevitable result in unemployment2 defective systems of management which make it necessary for workers to restrict output in order to protect their interests systematic soldiering3 inefficient ruleofothumb effort wasting methods of workTaylor conceived it to be the aim of scientific management to overcome these obstaclescould be achieved by a systematic study of work and of the managementthis would bring a great increase in efficiency and with it prosperity to benefit all since
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