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Max WeberWebers principal contribution to the study of organizations was his theory of authority structures which led him to characterize organziations in terms of the authority relations with themthis stemmed from a basic concern with why individuals obeyed commands why ppl do as they are toldto deal with this problem Weber made a distinction between power the ability to force ppl to obey regardless of their resistance and authority where orders are obeyed voluntarily by those receiving themUnder an authority system those in the subordinate role see the issuing of directives by those in the superordinate role as legitimate Weber distinguished between organizational types according to the way in which authority is legitimizedoutlined 3 pure types1 Charismaticbased on the personal qualities of the leaderany quality of individual personality by virtue which the leader is set apart from ordinary ppl and treated as endowed with supernatural superhuman or specifically expectional power or qualitiesexs Henry Ford Richard Bransonbc the basis of authority lies in the characteristics of one person and because commands are based on the one persons inspiration this type of organization has a built in instabilityproblems arise with the question of succession Many claim to
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