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Careers and career managementIntroductionimportant themes in careersincreasing volatile labor markets means that many people are more likely to need to change hobs and occupationin doing so they will need to be durable innovative and willing to do what they can take control of their own careers there are different ways of evaluating career success ex Job satisfaction earnings and that social contacts are important in gaining access to opportunitiesonce common defn of career is an occupation or line of workThe context of careersDefinitionscareers include any sequence of workrelated experiences not just conventional or orderly onesPsychologists and careerscareers lie at the intersection of individual lives and social structures Therefore many different academic disciplines including psych are relevant to careersThe context of careersmuch of the careers research and practice sicne about 1990 has placed great emphasis on the ways in which labor markets are said to have changed and the implications of these changes for careerslabor economicsts and others argue about the extent and permanence of these changes to the context of careerHowever there seems ot be considerable agreement in the careers literature that compared with a generation ago the following generalizations apply at least in the western worldincreasing workload for individuals both in terms of hours and intensityorganizational changes particularly the elimination of layers of management delayering and reduction in the number of ppl employed downsizingmore global competitionmore teambased workmore shortterm workchanging work force The average age of ppl In work or available for it is increasing quite rapidly Also more diverseincreasingly frequent changes in the skills required in the workforcemore part time jobs mainly occupied by womenmore selfemployment and employment in small organizationsworking at or from homeincreaseing pressure on occupational and employerbased pension shcemes owing to the aging population and more mobility between occupations and organizationsstthe characteristics of careers in the early 21 century includeInd need to look ahead an ensure they update their skills and knowledge in order to remain employable One consequence is the necessity of viewing learning as lifelong not confined to childhood and early adulthoodorganizations too need to look ahead in order to develop the skills and knowledge required for future survivalpromotions within organizations are less available than they once were and because of delayering there are bigger increases in status and responsibility when promotions do happen This means that it is very important to make good decisions about who to promote and that a promoted persons new job is likely to be very challenging for them
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