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Ann Armstrong

363 Chapter 12 DecisionmakingOrganization decisionmakingthe process of identifyingsolving problems involves 2 stages problem identicationproblem solution Decisions vary in complexity2 categories programmed decisionsie decision rules when to replace a copy machine whether an applicant has the qualications for a job allow one server per 30 guests for a sitdown function Nonprogrammed uncertainty whether a proposed solution will solve the problemcomplex nonprogrammed decisions are aka wicked decisions associated with manager conicts over objectivesalternatives rapidly changing circumstancesunclear linkages among decision elements todays rapidly changing business environment has increased both theand complexity of decisions that have to be madecreating a need for new decision making processesRational Decisionmaking how manager should try to make decisions8 Sequential Steps1Monitor decision environment both externalinternal information that will indicate deviations from planned or acceptable behaviour ie through performance evaluations reviewing competitors activities learn what merchandise is moving and what is not2Dene decision environment manager responds to deviations by identifying details of the problem who was affectedinvolved what where when and how the current activities are inuenced3Specify decision objectives 4Diagnose the problem5Develop alternative solutions 6Evaluate alternatives 7Choose best alternative 8Implement best alternativemanager uses managerial administrativepersuasive abilitiesgives directions to ensure that the decision is carried outstages 14problem identication stagestages 58problem solution stageBounded Rationality Perspectivemanagers should use rational procedures to make decisions however time pressure
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