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Amanda Shantz

6 Habits of Merely Effective Negotiators in any negotiation each side ultimately must choose between two options accepting a deal or taking its best nodeal optionas a negotiator you seek to advance the full set of your interest by persuading the other side to say yes to a proposal that meets your interests better than your best nodeal option doesthe other says yes because the deal meets their interest better than its best nodeal optionthe goal as a negotiator is to protect your own choice while understanding and shaping your counterparts perceived decision so that they choose in own interest what you wantDaniele Vare the art of letting them have your way1Neglecting the Other Sides Problem Tough negotiators sometimes see the other sides concerns but dismiss them Thats their problem and their issue Let them handle it Well look after our own problems This attitude can undercut your ability to profitably influence how your counterpart sees its problemAs Sebenius suggests From the trenches successful negotiators concur that overcoming
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