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Chapter 18

Final Exam Study Notes - Chapter 18-Global HR Management

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MGT491 FINAL EXAM NOTES Chapter 18: Global HR Management N Human resource management (HRM) the activities an organization carries out to use its human resources effectively o .9L;L9L08L3.O:009072L3L3J9K01L728K:2,37084:7.0897,90J89,11L3J5erformance evaluation, management development, compensation, labor relations o All of these are related to the strategy of the firm N HRM has an important strategic component influence on character, development, quality and productivity of the 1L728K:2,37esources, can help the firm achieve its primary strategic goals of reducing costs of value creation and adding value by better serving customer needs N HRM practices need to be modified to national context N Strategic role of HRM is complex enough in a purely domestic firm, but is more complex in an international business where profound differences exist in labor markets, culture, legal systems, economic systems and the like o Complicates decisions like staffing, management development, performance evaluation and compensation activities o Ex. compensation practices may vary from country to country, depending on prevailing management customs o Labor laws may prohibit union organization in one country and mandate it in another o Equal employment legislation may be strongly pursued in one country and not in another N HRM function must decide how to staff key management posts, how to develop managers so they are familiar with the nuances of doing business in different countries, how to compensate people in different countries, and how to evaluate performance of managers in different countries N HRM must also deal with issues related to expatriate managers o Expatriate manager .L9L]0341430.4:397ZK4L8Z47NL3J,-74,L3430419K01L7288:-8LL,7L08 o Must decide when to use expatriates, whom to send on these postings, be clear about why they are doing it, compensate them appropriately, and make sure they are adequately debriefed and reoriented once home The Strategic Role of International HRM N Strong fit between human resources practices and strategy is required for high profitability N Superior performance requires not only the right strategy but it must also be supported by the right organization architecture Structure Processes People Incentives and Controls Culture N Strategy is implemented through organization people are the centre of this architecture N For a firm to outperform in the global marketplace, it must have the right people in the right postings o Must be trained appropriately so they have the skill sets required to perform their jobs effectively and so they behave in a manner that fits with the desired culture of the firm o Compensation packages must create incentives for them to take actions consistent with the strategy of the firm o Performance appraisal systems used must measure the behavior that the firm wants to encourage N +#1:3.9L43K,8.7L9L.,OL25,.9:5439K05045O0.:O9:70L3.039L;0,3.43974O889020O020398419K01L728 organization architecture (performance appraisal systems are part of control systems) N HRM professions have a critically important strategic role L9L8439K02948K,509K0800O02039841,1L728 organization architecture in a manner that is consistent with the strategy of the enterprise, so that the firm can effectively implement its strategy N Superior HR management can be a sustained source of high productivity and competitive advantage in global economy N Many businesses have HRM as one of their weakest capabilities, suggesting that improving these may have substantial performance benefits for many companies N 4 strategies pursued by international businesses: www.notesolution.com
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