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Chapter 5

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Political Science

Chapter 5: International Institutions & Law Introduction International Organizations (IO) & international law (IL) seen as instrumental arm of global governance Global Governance: Regulation of interdependent relations between & among states, market, citizens, organizations & other non-state transnational actors through development of institutions, law & other formal or informal mechanisms of cooperation Liberal institutionalists view IOs & international regimes as solutions to market failure problems, reducing uncertainty & promoting further cooperation; Realists less enthusiastic about purpose & prospects of international institutions & law, which they view primarily as vessels or forums for pursuit of national interests Neo-Marxist & Gramscians important elements of superstructure of capitalist system can be found @IO & IL level Global governance refers to efforts to manage common actions problems with decentralized yet coordinated political authority & regulation 2 types of IOs exist: Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs): International organizations created by & composed of member states Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) IGOs share # of characteristics: 1. Comprise states and only states 2. IGOs created by treaties between states and, therefore, have legal standing under IL 3. Hold regular meetings attended by delegates from member states 4. IGOs have permanent headquarters & an executive secretariat that runs day-to- day activities of organization 5. Have permanent administrative employees who work for organization & dont represent their governments; they are international bureaucrats Several types of IGOs exist UN o multipurpose, universal-membership organization o serves as many functions & can be joined by all stated in international system European Union European Community (EC) most famous regional IGO International Organizations & Regimes in History The League & UN established for 2 primary reasons: www.notesolution.com
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