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Chapter 6

textbook chapter 6 summary

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Nov/3/2003 CHANAPS
Notes From Reading
Chapter 6
-learning refers to a relatively durable change in behavior or knowledge
that is due to experience
-much research on learning conducted on animals because researchers can
exert greater control over animal subjects than human subjects
-conditioning involves learning associations between events that occur in
an organisms environment.
Classical Conditioning
-Phobias are irrational fears of specific objects or situations.
-Classical conditioning is a type of learning in which stimulus acquires the
capacity to evoke a response that was originally evoked by another
Pavlov’s Demonstration: “Psychic Reflexes
-Ivan Pavlov was a prominent Russian Physiologist who did Nobel prize
winning research on digestion
-Studying the role of saliva in the digestive processes of dogs when he
stumbled onto what he called psychic reflexes
-As his research progressed, he noticed that dogs accustomed to the
procedure would start salivating before the meat power was presented
-They would salivate in response to a clicking sound made by the device
that was used to present the meat powder
-Used a simple auditory stimulus (presentation of a tone) and then the meat
-Dogs started salivating to the sound of the tone alone
-Tone started out as a neutral stimulus (did not originally produce the
response of salivation)
-Pavlov had demonstrated how learning associations- which were viewed
as the basic building blocks of the entire learning process- were formed by
events in an organisms environment
Terminology and Procedures
-bond between the beat power and salivation was a natural, unlearned
association and did not have to be created through conditioning
-Unconditioned stimulus is a stimulus that evokes an unconditioned
response without previous conditioning. The unconditioned response is an
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