Chapter 10 study guide

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9 Jan 2011

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Chapter 10 notes
HAVING A partner- some people have it- others wouldnt regret it- because has family for
Ex. Come from broken home, own marriage fails
Dont have a postive background to follow- you are what youre exposed to- ex. Dont
know how to make marriage work
Differences over childrasinign cause marital tension
When retire, have new way of looking at life
Inelastic ego: cant teach old dog new tricks- not true based on research- its just a
stereotype- since old people know their time is limited, not urgency in problem
Feelings toward marriage improve with age
Men are happier wit marriage vs. Women, the older they get
When marriage broke up, kids can be neglected, women= financially unstable
Need to appreciate and support kids- not reject- accept them as they are
WITHgrandchildren, have lots of time- precious time- can influence them in many
Important to feel needed and loved as we get older
Some people spoil kids, some dont
Being a grandparent= reliving youth
Some people make up relationship with own kids through grandkids
Chance to preserve culture and heritage through grandchildren
As some age, may need help from younger members- dont go directly from
supporting one to become completely dependant
Some people keep working in family business to contribute to family- not for pay- and
to keep themself busy-
Roles of parents and grandparents= helping patterns- emotional, financial- from
older to younger generation
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