PSY313H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 11: Extraversion And Introversion, Agreeableness, Hypochondriasis

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Personality differs among people in terms of quality- we are talking about one"s basic nature. Personality is the essence of a person (a unique, recognizable individual) We have to infer it from behaviour. Most see it has including overt behaviour but also inner strcutre of mind and emotions. Believed to responsible for attitude and behaviour patterns that are fairly consistent. Adaptation: is an important part of personality- its an adjustment to events, conditions of life. May adjust by changing themselves, their surroundings or both. But how a person adapts should show consistency (continuous) Thus its a persons unique, and consistent way of feeling, thinking, behaving. Attitudes seen in young adulthood seen to affect physical health in middle age. Some aspects of personality can soften with maturity ex. Common method to measure personality scientifically: personality inventory- a psychometric test that asks people to rate themselves on traits, report on activities, give opinions on topics.