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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

Chapter 6 notes

OC35229 Page
17 Mar 2011
Chapter 6: foraging behaviour: finding, choosing & and processing food. The specific principles of foraging are common to all animal species, even if t
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

Chapter 5 study guide

OC366411 Page
27 Feb 2011
In the context of animal behavior communication is the sharing of information between individuals. Exactly how communication is transferred will depend
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

Chapter 3 Study Guide

OC36645 Page
21 Feb 2011
Behaviors can be thought of having underlying motivations. These may be internal or external to the individual (or both). Levels of motivation relating
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiFall

Ch. 4: The Development of Behavior

OC36645 Page
16 Dec 2011
These sections of dna are termed genes and their specific sites on the chromosome are termed. Genetic variability is linked to variability in expressed
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiWinter

PSY352H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Ink Sac, Pseudomorph, Cephalopod

OC6669812 Page
13 Mar 2014
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UTMPSY352H5Robert GerlaiFall

PSY352H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: European Herring Gull, Larus, Sensory Neuron

OC399283 Page
22 Dec 2012
Chapter 2 controlling behaviour: the role of the nervous system some hormone-mediated short-term ctrl does take place, the proximate (short-term) ctrl
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