Ch. 4: The Development of Behavior

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16 Dec 2011

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These sections of dna are termed genes and their specific sites on the chromosome are termed. Genetic variability is linked to variability in expressed behavior, but this does not mean the behavior is entirely under the control of genes. The particular pattern of behavior expressed by an indivudal will depened upon an interaction of the animals genotype and both the environment in which those genes are expressed, and the external environment the animal lives. Some behaviors are innate, but many are modified as a result of experience (ex. Animals make use of a wide variety of cues to enable them to successfully navigate and undertake feats of migration. Chromosomes consist of a double helix of dna. Specific sections of dna act as a template for the production of proteins loci. There is however an element of variation possible within individual genes that translates into a variation of phenotypes affected by them. The different forms of the gene are termed alleles.