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Chapter 1-2

chapter 1-2

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Psychology: Themes and Variations Chapter 1 Sep 13, 2013 Philosophy, Physiology, and Psychology Psychology originates Psyche-Soul Logos-Study of subject -Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle debated issues of relevance to psychology separation of mind and body, whether knowledge is inborn or gained through experience. -Aristotle’s theory of memory is still foundational to many contemporary theories of memory(even today). His theory suggests that memories are the result of three principles of association; similarity, contrast, and contiguity. Descartes -argued for dualism of mind and body -mind and body were separate and different -mind is immaterial -memory, perception, dreaming, and emotions are properties of the body -humans part of nature William Harvey Muller’s student -Blood circulation function of heart Hermann Von Helmholtz -First experimental examinations of human reaction time -Argued for separation of sensation and perception A New Science is Born: Contribution of Wundt and Hall Wilhelm Wundt -Argued that psychology should be an independent discipline, rather than a stepchild of philosophy or physiology -1879 formed the first lab for research in psychology in Germany -Claimed that psychology’s primary focus was consciousness, the awareness of immediate experience -Kept psychology focused on mind and mental process G.Stanley Hall -Established Americas first research lab for psychology - Four years later launched psychology journal -Driving force behind American psychological association
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