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AP Psychology OutlineChapter 1 The Evolution of PsychologyRedDefinition of Key TermsGreenImportant PeopleContributionsBlueImportant Points1How Psychology Developed aPsychologyThe Scientific Study of Behavior and Mental ProcessesbMental ProcessesPhysiological and Cognitive ProcessescPsychology comes from two Greek words PsycheSoul and Logosthe Study of a SubjectdPsychology became a Scientific Discipline In 1870s2The Contributions of Wundt and HallaPhilosophyPhysiologyPsychologybWilhelm WundtiGerman ProfessoriiCampaigned to make Psychology an independent Scientific DisciplineiiiEstablished first Psychology Laboratory in 1879 at the University of LeipzigivEstablished First Psychology Journal for research in 1881v1879 is the Birth of PsychologyviWilhelm Wundt is the founder of PsychologyviiWundt Considered the Consciousness the primary focus of PsychologyviiiMany students under Wundt left Germany for America and established Psychology Labs in AmericacG Stanley HalliStudent of WundtiiImportant to growth of Psychology in AmericaEstablished First Research Laboratory in America at Johns Hopkins University in 1883Established First American Psychology Research Journal in 1887Father of American Psychological Association and first President Founded in 18923Structuralism VS FunctionalismaCompeting Schools of Psychology Thought StructuralismFunctionalismbStructuralismiLed by Edward Titchener of Cornell UniversityiiSTRUCTURALISMTHE TASK OF PSYCHOLOGY IS TO ANALYZE CONSIOUSNESS INTO ITS BASIC ELEMENTS AND INVESTIGATE HOW THESE ELEMENTS ARE RELATED iiiWanted to examine fundamental components of conscious existence like sensations feelings and imagesivIntrospectionThe careful systematic selfobservation of ones own conscious experiencePrimary Method used for study by StructuralismFunctionalism1Led by William James Formal Training in Medicine Harvard University2FunctionalismPsychology should investigate the function or purpose of consciousness rather than its structure3Principles of Psychology 1890 became standard reading for generations of psychologists and most influential text in history of psychology William James4Psychology is deeply embedded in Cultural and Intellectual Influences
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