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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - COMPLETE Textbook Notes

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Dax Urbszat

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Psych Chapter 3 Outline Communication in the Nervous System o Nervous Tissue: The Basic Hardware o The Neural Impulse: Using Energy to Send Information o The Synapse: Where Neurons Meet o Neurotransmitters and Behaviours Organization of the Nervous System o The Peripheral Nervous Systems o The Central Nervous System Looking Inside the Brain: Research Methods o Electrical Recordings o Lesioning o Electrical Stimulation of the Brain o Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation o Brain-Imaging Procedures The Brain and Behaviour o The Hindbrain o The Midbrain o The Forebrain o The Plasticity of the Brain Right BrainLeft Brian: Cerebral Laterality o Bisecting the Brain: Split-Brain Research o Hemispheric Specialization in the Intact Brain www.notesolution.com The Endocrine System Heredity and Behaviour: Is it All In The Genes? o Basic Principles of Genetics o Investigating Hereditary Influence o The Interplay of Heredity and Environment The Evolutionary Bases of Behaviour: o Darwins Insights o Subsequent Refinements to Evolutionary Theory o Behaviours as Adaptive Traits Communication in the Nervous System Nervous Tissue: The Basic Hardware Cells in nervous system fall into two major categories: o Glia o Neurons Neurons: The individual cells in the nervous system that receive, integrate, and transmit information. o Neurons permit communication within the nervous system. o Soma: Soma, or cell body, contains the cell nucleus and much of the chemical machinery common to most cells. Soma is Greek for body. o Dendrites: Part of the neuron that are specialized to receive information. Greek word for tree. Each branch is a dendrite. www.notesolution.com
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