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PSY100Y Introduction to Psychology - 2010-2011 LAB 3 - DREAM ANALYSIS based on a Jungian dream analysis technique described in: Sockin, Brian S. (1990) Dream Log: How to use dreams to improve your waking life. NY. NY, Warner Books. During this lab you will learn how to keep a dream journal, how to recognize different types of dreams and how to make sense of the consistent themes you dream about over a few months. We discuss Freudian, Jungian, Cognitive and Humanistic theories and analysis techniques and teach one approach you can use to interpret your dreams. Our DreamDeck software asks you to create a story on the basis of your free associations to archetypal symbols and imagery displayed on the computer screen. We then interpret those projective stories as if they were your dreams. The goal of this module is to show you some techniques that psychologists use to interpret dreams. Some psychologists believe that dream analysis can help to resolve conflicts in a person's life and promote personal growth. Other psychologists believe that, while dream analysis can be fun, it serves no really useful purpose. I believe that dreams can be one of the ways synchronicity works in our lives, so that just as we need it, we intuit crucial information for dealing with our life questions and issues. In this course we look at one method of interpreting our own dreams. The DreamDeck software is just a game. If you are seriously interested in pursuing the analysis of your own or someone else's dreams, you should seek the assistance of a clinical psychologist or other professional who is proficient in dream analysis and other therapeutic techniques. Dream Interpretation Questions This section describes one method of interpreting your own dreams. It is best to work with a trained professional when working with your dreams, however it can be fun to begin the exploration on your own or with a friend. For a complete version of this method consult Breakthrough Dreaming by Gayle Delaney. According to Sockin's book Dream Log (1990), the first step to interpreting dreams is to write down one's
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