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Anna Grivas Matejka

PSY 210 – Chapter One Terms  Child Development: A field of study that seeks to account for the gradual evolution of the child’s cognitive, social, and other capacities first by describing changes in the child’s observed behaviours and then by uncovering the processes and strategies that underlie these changes.  Maturation: A genetically determined process of growth that unfolds naturally over a period of time.  Structural-Organismic Perspective: theoretical approaches that describe psychological structures and processed that undergo qualitative or stage-like changes over the course of development.  Psychodynamic Theory: Freud’s theory that development, which proceeds in discrete stages, is determined largely by biological based describes shaped by encounters with the environment and through the interaction of three components of personality; id, ego, superego.  Id: The person’s instinctual drives; the first component of the personality to evolve, operates on the basis of pleasure principle.  Ego: The rational, controlling component of the personality, which tries to satisy needs through appropriate, socially acceptable behaviours.  Superego: The personality component that is the repository of the child’s internalization of parental or societal values, morals, and roles.  Psychosocial Theory: Eriksons’s theory of development that sees children developing through a series of stages largely through accomplishing tasks that involves them in interaction with their social environment.  Piagetian Theory: A theory of cognitive development that sees the child as actively seeking new information and incorporating it into his knowledge base through the processed of assimilation and accommodation.  Behaviourism:
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