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Chapter 12

TEXTBOOK Chapter 12 - Social Influences

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Elizabeth Johnson

Lesson12SocialInfluencesBasic Relationship Developments06 months children cry in response to another infants cries612 months child tries to interact with other infants through waving or vocalizing1334 months social play increases2536 months child begins to prefer the company of children over adults3 years children begin to prefer same sex playmates1113 years emergence of cliques1618 years expects friends to provide emotional supportDEVELOPMENTAL PATTERNS OF PEER INTERACTIONSInfancyIn the first 6 months of life babies will touch and look at each other and are surprisingly responsive to each others behaviourif one baby cries the other will also start cryingBetween 612 months an infant will start trying to influence another child by vocalizing by look at or waving at the child or by touching himher ToddlersBetween the age of 12 children make gains in locomotion and language that increase the complexity of their social exchange During this period they develop the capacity to engage in complementary social interactions There are 4 types of play that toddlers engage inSolitary play children play by themselves and Parallel play two children play in similar generally ignore other children who are near activities often side by side but do not About half of 2yearolds engage in this type of engage one another This type of play is playcommon in 2yearolds but diminished by the time a child is 3 or 4Associative play children play with other Cooperative play at age 34 children begin children but do not necessarily share the same to engage in this sophisticated type of play in goals or agendas They share toys and which they cooperate reciprocate and share
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