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Chapter 11

TEXTBOOK Chapter 11 - Family Influences

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Elizabeth Johnson

Lesson11FamilyInfluencesSocialization refers to the process by which parents and others ensure that a childs standards of behaviour attitudes skills and motives conform closely to those deemed appropriate to their role in societyTHE FAMILY SYSTEMThe family is a complex system involving interdependent members whose functioning may be altered by changes in the behaviour of one member by relationships among family members and by changes over time Family functioning is influenced by the larger physical cultural and social setting in which the family livesThe Marital SystemWhen partners offer each other emotional and physical support and comfort the likelihood that they will provide the same kind of support and caring to their children is greatly increased Their relationships demonstrate affection sensitivity and competent childrearing practicesParents in conflicted marriages have a poor parenting style that is characterized as cold unresponsive angry and deficient in providing structure and setting limitsOlder children are more likely to become angry when they witnessed unresolved conflict between their parents Boys exhibit stronger sad affect when witnessing unresolved conflict between parents but girls exhibit stronger sad affect when their parents resolve a conflict out of their presence The presence of a newborn baby has an impact on the marital system Partners are more likely to revert to traditional gender roles women take care of the children and stay at home while men work to provide for the family Womens satisfaction with marriage declines more than mens after having a child Children who are temperamentally difficult or handicapped often contribute to heightened family stress that may translate to marital conflictThe ParentChild SystemThe 4 parenting styles tend to reflect two primary dimensions of behaviour
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