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Dax Urbszat

PSY220 Ch 2 Chapter 2 The Self in a Social WorldConnections btw what happens in the world around us and what goes on in our heads1 Social surroundings affect our selfawareness when we are the only members of a race nationality or gender in a group we notice 2 Selfinterest colors our social judgment when problems arise in close relationships we tend to attribute more responsibility to our partners then our selves When things go well at home or work we tend to give ourselves more responsibility3 Selfconcern motivates our social behavior in hopes of making positive impression we agonize about our appearance We monitor others behaviors and expectations and adjust our behaviors accordingly4Social relationships help define the self In our varied relationships we have varying selves How we think of ourselves depends on the person we are with at the moment SELFCONCEPT WHO AM IHow and how accurately do we know ourselves What determines our selfconceptSelfconcept a persons answer to the question who am IYOUR SENSE OF SELF When your sense of self arises some studies suggest an important role for the right hemisphere The most important aspect of yourself is yourself You are the center of your own world Put the right side of your brain to sleep and you will have trouble recognizing your own face The medial prefrontal cortex helps stitch together your sense of self It becomes more active when you think of yourself Selfschemas beliefs about self that organize and guide the processing of selfrelevant informationMental templates by which we organize our worlds POSSIBLE SELVESPossible selves images of what we dream of or dread becoming in the future
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