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Chapter 10

PSY240 - Ch. 10 Notes

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Ayesha Khan

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CHAPTER 10 - box 10.1 (p.355) - Cytokine categories o pro-inflammatory cytokines  ex. interleukin 1, 6/tumour necrosis factor  augment immune response o anti-inflammatory cytokines  ex. IL-4, 10, 13  dampen response of immune system - brain capable of influencing immune process - also, IL-1 and other cytokines can stimulate HPA axis - probs w/ immune system can also lead to some behavioural changes/ even psychiatric probs - immunosuppression o ex. death of a spouse may cause it o can also be caused by short-term threats to our sense of well-being o exp – found that neg self evaluations, diminished natural killer cell cytotoxicity o animal study – rats exposed to stressful tail shocks , later had higher level of cortisol when exposed to another stressful event (placed on a platform) - psychoneuroimmunology o research shows that the brain and immune system influence each other o most enduring stressor (unemployment) associated w/ most global immunosuppression o stress found to slow healing of wounds o major depression linked to enhanced production of pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-6 - sense of hopelessness can accelerate progression of arthrosclerosis leading to heart attacks and strokes - positive psychology o school of psychology that focuses on human traits and resources than might have direct implications for our physical and mental well-being - CASE STUDY – Dr. M - angry physician who had a heart attack - didn’t fix his lifestyle - Hypertension o bp increases as we age o in younger adults, more men than women suffer from high bp o after about age 50, prevalence of hypertension is higher in women than men - Coronary Heart Disease - Type B personality – more relaxed, laid-back and less time-pressured ppl - Framingham Heart Study o confirmed findings of Western Collaborative Group Study and extended them to women as well - hostility – most closely correlated w/ coronary artery deterioration - Box 10.2 - cardiovascular disease in a 33 year old athlete (Darry Kile) - prevention of cardiovascular disease begins w/ o health eductation o recognize symptoms of heart attack - warning signs that are often/but not always present o pain that spreads along shoulders, arm, neck/jaw o sudden sweating o heavy P/pain in centre of chest o nausea
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