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Christine Burton

PSY270 Lecture One Notes 01/27/13 • Wilhelm Wundt and Structuralism - “first” psychologist, he was first person to happily call himself a psychologist, tied with James - Trained in medicine, got a job in physiology, first person to teach course in psychology for him which meant sensation and perception - He started room in 1875, first psychology lab - In 1883 he taught very first course called experimental psychology - Was interested in structure of the mind, so what is it we week, what is it we hear, and touch, etc. - Analytic introspection was what he used to investigate elements of thought - First person to talk about sustained attention - Contributions to language via tree diagrams, a method still used today • William James and Functionalism - father ofAmerican psychology - Wanted to study what the mind does, thoughts that result in behaviour • Hysteria and Hypnotism - Mesmerism: all human behaviour influenced by magnetism , now called hypnotism, developed by Mesmer - Some patients improved while hypnotised, particularly good for patients suffering from hysteria - Anna Oh a patient with hysteria (fainting spells, occasionally unable to eat or drink, would forget mother language of German all unexplained symptoms) - After a period of being not able to eat or drink Freud and Dr. Joseph Breurer hypnotised her and she recalled a memory of a dog drinking from a glass which made her sick, she then saw a women drink from same glass, she was disgusted - After recalling this memory she was able to drink - Anna fell in love with Dr. Breurer, she went around town saying they were in love and that she was pregnant with his child, Breurer stopped dealing with patients leaving Freud to develop his ideas on his own - No one before Freud mentioned anything ab
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