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Chapter 5

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Christine Burton

Chapter 5 ShortTerm and Working MemoryMemory processes involved in retaining retrieving and using information about stimuli images etcafter the original information is no longer presentmental time travelplace you back in a situation so you feel as though you are reliving itStudying MemoryModal Model of Memory includes many of the features of memory models where stages in the model are called the structural features of the model1Sensory memory initial stage that holds all incoming info for secondsfractions of a second2Shortterm memory STM holds 57 items for about 1530 seconds3Longterm memory LTM holds a large amount of info for years or even decadesMemory system includes control processesactive processes that can be controlled by the personoEx rehearsalrepeating a stimulus over and over to retain it in your memoryLongterm memoryessential for storing information before we become aware of this stored information must be moved back into STMEncoding storing into longterm memoryRetrieval remembering information that is stored in longterm memorySensory MemorySensory Memory retention for brief periods of time of the effects of stimulationThe Sparklers TrailPersistence of vision retention of the perception of light in your mindFilm is flashed 24 times per secondPerson doesnt see dark intervals between images because the persistence of vision fills in the darknessSperlings ExperimentExperiment reveals capacity and duration of memorySperling How much information people can take in from briefly presented stimuliWhole Report Method participants asked to report as many letters as possible from the whole matrixPeople can remember an average of 45 out of 12 letters if flashed for 50 millisecondsProblem perception fade rapidly so they could no longer see the matrix or remember what had been therePartial Report Method flashed matrix for 50 ms immediately after it was flashed a cue tone was sounded to indicate which row of letters should be reported
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