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Chapter 7

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Christine Burton

Chapter 7 LongTerm Memory Encoding and RetrievalEncoding the process of acquiring information and transferring it into LTMoCodingform in which information is representedoEncodingprocess used to get information into the LTMRetrieval process of transferring information from LTM to working memoryMain factor in determining retrieval from LTM the way information was encoded when you learned itEncoding Getting Information into LTMRehearsal repeating information over and overMaintenance Rehearsal and Elaborative RehearsalRehearsal can keep information in WM but doesnt guarantee that informationMaintenance rehearsal helps maintain information in STMWM but it is not an effective way of transferring information into LTMElaborative rehearsal more effective at transferring information into LTMoThink about the meaning of an item or make connections between the item and something you knowLevels of Processing TheoryLevels of Processing LOP Theory memory depends on how information is encoded with deeper processing resulting in better encoding and retrieval than shallow processingMemory depends on the depth of processing that an item receivesoShallow processing little attention to meaningoccurs during maintenance rehearsalrepeating information without considering meaning or connectionsoDeep processing close attention focusing on an items meaning and relating it to something elseoccurs during elaborative rehearsalMethod Varying Depth of ProcessingCraik and TulvingQuestion was presented followed by a word then the participant respondsoShallowasking questions about words physical characteristicsoDeeperasking questions about words soundoDeepestasking question about words meaningDeeper processing is associated with better memoryDifficulty in Defining Depth of ProcessingLOP theory doesnt offer a way to answer which of the tasks results in deeper processingDesert task vs Fillintheblanks conditionwhich is deeperoDesert task results in deeper processingmemory will be better for the desert island task
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