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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Textbook Notes - From One Language to the Next

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Craig Chambers

Notes From Reading: P ART1: LANGUAGE : HE H UMAN A BILITY(PGS. 3-91) C HAPTER 3: FROM O NE LANGUAGE TO THE NEXT (32-49) Chapter 3: From One Language to the Next: Why is it Hard to Learn a Second Language? Why is Translation so Difficult? Introduction  The use of the word acquiring in one case and learning in the other is not accidental  Evidence suggests that cognitive faculties employ in second language learning are distinct from those employed in first language acquisition Second Language Acquisition  Anyone who is learning a second language has already acquired a first language, so the language mechanism in the brain has already had certain linguistic parameters set o The first language typically serves as the model, and errors often result from taking words from the target language and stringing them together by applying rules from first language o Second language learning can even be characterized as a gradual shift from the first language orientation to the target language orientation  First language acquisition takes place in early childhood (usually by 5) and typically cannot take place after that critical period o Second language learning proceeds more quickly with people who have a high proficiency in their first language  Second language learning generally does not happen without conscious teaching o The process is distinct o Studies show that self-confidence, motivation, good self-image, and low anxiety are traits hat improve facility in a second language (not so much for first)  The complexity of the input affects second language learning but not first language acquisition o First language acquisition proceeds at the same rate whether or not adults simplify their language  Practice is important for second language learning but not so much for first language acquisition o Even very quiet children learn la
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