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PSY 295 NEUROPSYCH Study Questions (general) with some textbook notes and some lecture notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ashley Monks

What is biological psychology otherwise known as behavioural neuroscienceNeuroscience is the study of what the nervous systemWhat are the 5 viewpoints that explore the biology of behaviour Studying the evolution of behaviour Studying the mechanism of behaviour Describing behaviourWhat are the two kinds of describing behaviour Structural and functionalWhat does it mean when a trait is conserved When a trait is conserved it means that the trait is passed on to a common ancestor and two or more descendantsParts of a rats brain were damaged to see the effects of the rats maternal behaviour What is this an example of Somatic intervention somatic intervention is whenWhat is the estimated number of people that live with psychological disorders in the world 1100What part of the brain is important for moment to moment experiences top part of the brainWhat do glial cells do They provide structure to the braingive nutritional support to the brain And provide raw materials and chemical signals that alter the neuronal sturucture snd excitablilityDescribe the different types of glial cells and what their function is Starshaped astrocytes detects neural activity and regulate adjacent capillaries to control blood flow which supplies neurons with more energy when they are active microglial cells break down any debris that forms especially after damage to the brain unmyelinated axons are in the troughs of glial cells Extensions of oligondendrocytes from myelin wrapping processes from astrocytes Pg 32What do neurons consist of mitochondria ribosomes nucleusDoes the axon lead toward or away from the cell body away because it receives information and then sends it onWhat zone does the axon represent conductive zoneGenerally what does the axon do Transmits the cells electrical impulses from the cell bodyHow many types of neurons are there There are 3 types Multipolar neuron Bipolar neuron Unipolar neuron or monopolarDescribe the differences between all the different neurons A multipolar neuron has many dendrites extending from the cell body and has only 1 axonThey are the most common type of neuron A bipolar neuron has a single dendrite extension from the cell body and has a single axon These are most common in the sensory systems A unipolar neuron has a single branch that extends from the cell body and extends to 2 directions The dendrites are not emerging from the cell body The integration zone is not at the cell body but at the trunk of the dentridic branches Transmit touch information from the body into the spinal cordWhat is another name for the neurons cell body The soma or plural somataWhat happens in the cell body of a neuron In the cell body of most neurons not all inputs are combined and transformedWhat size are axons Axon are usually a couple of micrometers in length but the ones that connect the spinal cord to the rest of the body can be more than 1 meter long Vertebrate nerve cells range from 10100 micrometersWhat are the 3 main ways of classifying neurons shape size function
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