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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 - Peers

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Stuart Kamenetsky

Chapter8PeersAWorldofTheirOwnDEFINITIONS AND DISTINCTIONSA peer is another child of rougher the same age They interact with the child during daily routines and their interactions are short and not strongly committed A friend is a peer with whom the child has a special relationship Friends interact on a regular and sustained basis They have expectations for future interactions and engage in reciprocal acts A dyad is a pair of children Children also form groups with defined social boundaries like teams cliques and crowds DEVELOPMENTAL PATTERNS OF PEER INTERACTION06 monthsCries in response to other babies612 monthsLooking touching vocalizing and waving to other babies12 yearsEngages in turn taking or exchanging roles23 yearsPrefers peers over adults and refers samegender playmates45 yearsSustains longer play sequences and shares belongings with peers67 yearsReaches a peak in imaginative play79 yearsExpects friends to share activities offer help and be physically available911 yearsExpects to be accepted and admired by friends1113 yearsExpects genuineness intimacy selfdisclosure common interests and similar attitudes in friends1317 yearsFriendships aid the understanding of the self17 yearsExpects friends to provide emotional supportFirst Encounters in InfancyIn the first 6 months babies touch and look at each other but this is not truly social interactionsAfter 6 months the infant begins to recognize a peer as a social partner and can vocalize wave and touch other babies Exchanges between infants are short and not sustained Social Exchanges between ToddlersAdvances in motor and language skills facilitate an increase in the complexity of toddlers social exchanges
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