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Giampaolo Moraglia

PSY213Chapter3 –Keyterms Age-related macular degeneration Visual disorder in which the central part of the retina loses ability to distinguish fine details; common cause of functional blindness in older adults. Biomarkers Specific biological measures of the rate at which a body is aging Cataracts Cloudy or opaque areas in the lens of the eye, which often cause blurring of vision in older adults. Climacteric Period of 2-5 years during which a woman’s body undergoes physiological changes that bring on menopause Cochlear implants Electronic devices, useful for people with hearing impairment, which transform sound waves into electrical signals to be transmitted to the brain Conductive hearing loss Hearing loss due to blockage of sound from ear wax buildup, abnormal bone growth, or an infection in the middle or outer ear Corneal disease Visual disorder characterized by clouding, scarring, or distortion of the cornea, the front surface of the eye Dynamic visual acuity Ability to see moving objects clearly Dysmenorrhea Menstrual cramps Free radicals unstable Highly reactive atoms or molecules formed during metabolism, which can cause bodily damage Gene therapy Experimental method of treating certain diseases by insertion of genetic material into the body to alter cellular composition or replace defective genes Genetic-programming theories Theories that explain biological aging as resulting from a genetically determined developmental timetable Glaucoma Visual disorder caused by buildup of fluid pressure in the eye, it can cause blindness if not treated Hayflick limit Limit, discovered by Hayflick, on the number of times an animal cell can divide (~50x for human cells) Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) Estrogen, sometimes in combination with progestin, prescribed to treat the physical effects of menopause Impotence erectile dysfunction) Inability of a man to achieve or maintain an ere
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