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Kathy Pichora- Fuller

Chapter 6 notes: Health-Age Relations: A framework -practically all countries around the world are on the edge of a major crisis in helath care. -Several events or factors are coming together to create a potential catastrophe in health care -One factor is demographic: the fastest growing segment of the population is the oldest-old (those individuals over the age of 85).This period of the life span is called the fourth age. The oldest-old are known to have reduced reserve capacity for responding yo health threats and thus are more vulnerable to the consequences of diseases and stress. -Second factor is the critical aspect of the health care systems are substantially ineffective. The quality of care and the availability of services are not up to the impeding demands of supporting long term care. Systems of health care are influx, substantially underfunded, suboptimal in quality of care and coverage, and inefficient in accessibility. Doesnt provide the necessary coverage. Also reasons for concern about the availability of informal support and family caregiving. There is a pressing need for a health care system in which high-quality health care is available, affordable, and easily accessible for all who need it. -Some of the events that trigger a disease process, illness, or a change in health can occur abruptly at any point are externally based -example: an exposure to a virus or accident such as falling -caused by: exposure to a specific external health -effected by: social support, external resources or impediments -Other events that trigger a disease process, or illness, or a change in health are relatively gradual and internally based -examples: cellular inflammation, atherosclerosis -caused by: occurrences of internal threats to health (cell pathology) -effected by: stress, health behaviors -Four key characteristics of age-health relations are the following (from a developmental perspective):
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