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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kathy Pichora- Fuller

Chapter 6: Physical Health and Aging the fourth age = 85+, the fastest growing segment of the population 4 key characteristics of age-health relations: o Health is lifelong processdetermined in various ways by interplay bw biogenetic processesand culturalenvironmental influences o Health is maintainedchanged in part by actions & inactions of individual o Health is multidimensional across life span. Biophysiological, cog, social processesaffecting dev. changes in health and disease operate at multiple levels (cells, tissues, organs, complex systems) o Health refers to wellness as well as diseaseillness. Health: state of complete physical, mental, social well-being, not merely absence of disease or infirmity. Chronic illnesses = leading causes of deaths in older adults; heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease (stroke) = 60%; decreasing over time, though 48% of older men, 55% of older women have hypertension 20% of older men, 15% of older women have diabetes (increased in recent years) Prevalence of high cholesterol decreased, thanks to medications; obesity is increasing Proportion of elders reporting fairpoor health declined; more white people get vaccinations than Hispanicsblacks Mammography rates dramatically improved; more medical procedures performed on
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