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Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Homicidal Offenders

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Dax Urbszat

Chapter15HomicidalOffendersNature and Extent of Homicidal ViolenceThe Canadian criminal law has 4 types of homicideoFirstdegree murder includes all murder that is planned and deliberate It also includes the murder of law enforcement or correctional staff members or murder during another violent offence ex killing someone during a robberyoSeconddegree murder any murder that is not a firstdegree murderoManslaughter any unintentional murder that occurs during the heat of passion or because of criminal negligence ex killing while drunk drivingoInfanticide the killing of a childCanada is seeing a steady rise in gangrelated homicides and gun0related homicides The rate of female homicide victims is decreasingHomicides are more likely to occur in the Western provinces than the Eastern provinces Bimodal Classification of HomicideThis classified homicides into 2 categoriesoReactiveaffective aggression violence that is impulsive unplanned immediate driven by negative emotions and occurring in response to some perceived provocation Victims are most likely relatives oInstrumentalpredatory aggression violence that is premeditated calculated behaviour motivated by some goal Victims are most likely strangers Filicide When Parents KillFilicide the killing of children b their biological parents or stepparentsoNeonaticide the killing of a baby within 24 hours of birthoInfanticide the killing of a baby under 1 year oldIn Canada baby boys are at higher risk for being killed than baby girls Mothers who killThere are 3 types of maternal filicidesoNeonaticide mothers who commit neonaticide are usually young unmarried women who concealed their pregnancy and fear rejection or disapproval from their families
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