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Chapter 5

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Stuart Kamenetsky

chapter 5  multicultural education - education that promotes learning about multiple cultures  multicultural education arose from the belief that the needs of certain children were not being met purposes and approaches to education  aerican education is aimed at the masses and performance is judged in terms of average -> schools attempt to bring students to similar level cultural pluralism and the role of education  multicultural education promotes cultural pluralism - multiple cultures living together in a manner that preserve cultural diff -> teaches all students about cultural diversity, not only aimed at students of racial minorities  multicultural education promotes the notion that schools should encourage students to gain info about multiple cultures -> opposes once prevalent view that schools should minimize cultural diff  general education - tries to bring everyone to similar level of understanding; the achievement is evaluated on the basis of an average or norm o ***norm based averages - comparison of person’s achievement to the average achievement scores of the same age classmates  special education - focuses on individual; evaluation is based on individual attainment (accomplishment)  multicultural education - similar to general ed, the goal is to achieve consistency; unlie general ed, sees school as a powerful tool for promoting diversity multiculturalism and special education  disproportionally large number of students are placed in special ed are from cultural backgrounds  special ed has been used as a tool of discrimination; a way of separating minorities from majority  factors that inc student’s risk for academic failure - diverse cultural background; limited english and poverty -> ot necessarily need special ed  disproportionally large number of students are from nonmainstream cultural backgrounds  overrepresentation is a cause for concern  black and latino kids appear more freq than expected in special ed  disproportionally few cultural backgrounds are found in gifted programs  mainstream society determines the assessment, diagnosis and treatment that result more nonmainstream kids in
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