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Chapter 4

PSY345H5 Chapter 4: Secondary Education and Transition Planning (pg. 82-98)

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Stuart Kamenetsky

Notes From ReadingCHAPTER 3 SECONDARY EDUCATION AND TRANSITION PLANNING PGS 8298A Changing Era in the Lives of People with Disabilities The challenges confronting individuals with disabilities and their families may be different Given the expectations for adult life the schools responsibility is to teach the skills that will assist each individual with disabilities to access valued postschool outcomesMuch has been done to improve the quality of life for adults with disabilities and much more remains to be done to ensure that every person with a disability is able to access the services or supports necessary for success following graduation from school Research on the Lives of Adults with DisabilitiesOne measure of the effectiveness of a school program is the success of its graduates Whereas followup studies of special education graduates in the 1990s suggested that these individuals had higher unemployment rates lower rates of participation in postsecondary education and less extensive support networks than their peers without disabilities The National Longitudinal Transition Study2 reported that progress had been made in several areas high school completion living arrangements social involvement further education and employment ratesHigh School Completion and Access to Valued Postschool OutcomesThe potential of adults with disabilities have been significantly underestimated In recent years professionals and parents have begun to address some of the crucial issues facing students with disabilities as the students prepare to leave school and face life as adults in their local communities The dropout rate for these students is nearly twice that of their typical nondisabled peers Many of the current graduates from special education programs are not adequately prepared for employment and have difficulty accessing further education For people with more severe disabilities long waiting lists for employment and housing services prove frustrating Individuals who disabilities who enrol in postsecondary education often find that the supports and services they need to achieve success in college are also not available Employment The US Department of Educations National Longitudinal Transition Study reported that the probability of young adults with disabilities working for pay at some time during the first few years out of high school had increased significantlyThe rate of employment for young adults with disabilities lagged significantly behind that of sameage peers without disabilities in 2003The employment rate in 2005 was significantly higher than the findings which only 21 of people with disabilities indicated that they were employed Closing the Gap Transition Planning and ServicesTransition planning should culminate with the transfer of support from the school to an adult service agency access to postsecondary education or life as an independent adult Planning process involves a series of choices about which experiences in their remaining school years will best prepare students with disabilities for what lies ahead in the adult world A successful transition from school to the adult years require both formal governmentfunded and natural supports Providing formal supports such as health care employment preparation and supported living has been emphasized Research suggests that the family unit may be the single most powerful force in preparing an adolescent with a disability for the adult yearsPrinciple components of an effective transition system includeoEffective middle junior high and high school programs that link instruction to further education ie college or trade schools and to value postschool outcomes ie employment independent living and recreationleisure activities
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