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Chapter 15

Ch. 15: Gifted, Creative, and Talented

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Stuart Kamenetsky

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Ch 15 Gifted Creative and Talentedthe terms gifted creative and talented are associated with children youth and adults who have extraordinary abilities in one or more areas of performance Some believe that gifts and talents are overrated and that outstanding performance in most endeavors comes from consistent and deliberate practice for years behavioral scientists described children and youth with exceptionally high intelligence as being gifted only recently have researchers and practitioners included the adjectives creative and talented to suggest domains of performance other than those measured by traditional intelligence tests not all individuals who get high scores on intelligence tests are creative or talented capacities associated with creativity include elaboration the ability to embellish or enrich an idea transformation the ability to construct new meanings or change an idea into something new and novel and Visualization the capacity to manipulate ideas or images mentally thnot until the beg Of the 20 century was there a suitable method for quantifying or measuring the human attribute of intelligence Alfred Binet constructed first observing children at various ages to identify specific tasks that ordinary children were able to perform at each age Binet and Simon developed the notion of mental age MA a score that represents the individuals mental age according to various tasks he or she is able to perform on a given IQ test Children who are able to complete tasks well beyond their chronological CA will have a higher mental age MA and thus a higher than avg IQ score MA 12 yearsCA 8 years X 100IQ 150 then evolved to StanfordBinet Intelligence Scale a standardized individual intelligence test during this period came intelligence quotientIQ a score obtained from an intelligence tests that reflects the relationship between ones chronological age and ones mental age Mental agechronicle age x 100IQ over time however other researchers came to believe that intellect was represented by a variety of distinct capacities and abilities gradually multipleability approach outgrew the notion of unitary intelligence one of the key contributors to the multidimensional theory of intelligence was Guilford He saw intelligence as a diverse range of intellectual and creative abilities gradually tests or measures of creativity were developed using the constructs drawn from models created by Guilford and others currently there is no federal mandate in the US requiring educational services for students identified as gifted as in the case with other exceptionalities Only 6 states have mandated programs for gifted students some funding is given federally No child Left Behind Legislation but actual funding of services for individuals is statebystate in coming years we will probably see talent development replace gifted education as the guiding concept This description suggests a kind of programming that is directed at all students not just those identified as gifted Definitions and Conceptsdefinitions of giftedness are extremely importantfor example definitions may have a profound influence on the number and kinds of students ultimately selected in a school systemboth practical and theoretical perspectives definitions of giftedness have been influenced by a variety of innovative and knowledgeable individuals
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