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Chapter 6

Chapter 6- detailed (PSY345)

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Stuart Kamenetsky

345 Chapter 6Exceptionalities and FamiliesChildren with physical behavioural and intellectual disabilities present a challenge to familiesMay causes emotional physical and financial problems Reactions of families can be influenced by emotional stability of family religion SES type of disabilityUS 28 of children with disability live in povertyFamily as a socialecological systemdefined by a set of purposes cultural beliefs parent and child roles expectations family socioeconomic conditionslooks at how each family member fulfills roles consistent with expectations established by traditions andbeliefs Each family member functions interdependently with other family members to obtain collective goals Social approach also looks at Ecocultural and socioeconomic factorsfactors that influence family functioning such as unemployment thefamilys primary language the country of origin etc Understanding FamiliesReacting to CrisisDown syndromeCaused by chromosomal abnormality that results in unique physical characteristics and varying degrees of mental retardationboth identified immediately at birth Spina BifidaA developmental defect of the spinal column Hearing impairment and Learning disabilitiesnot immediately recognized at birthMost immediate reaction shock characterized by feelings of disappointment loneliness fear sadness loneliness fear anger frustration devastation numbness being trapped Further emotions triggered by Challenging demands of child care Inability to meet developmental milestones Healthbehaviour challenges of the childInsensitivity of extended family and community members Stages in Reaction to an infant with disability4 stages 1 Shock Feelings of anxiety guilt numbness confusion helplessness anger disbelief denial and despairLeast amount of support is available at this timeParents reaction depends on nature of psychological makeup type of support available severity of disability Repeated communication is necessary as parents arent able to comprehend information from medical professionalsMay blame themselves 2 Realization Anxious or fearful about their ability to cope with demandsEasily irritated upset consume time in selfpity selfhatred selfaccusationContinue to reject or deny information from care providersUnderstand actual demands needed 3 Defensive RetreatAttempt to avoid dealing with anxiety producing realities of childs conditionTry and place child in clinicalresidential settingSome disappear and retreat to a safer less demanding environment
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