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Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Study Guide

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Robert Gerlai

Ch. 3 The motivation and organization of Behavior Key Points -Behaviors can be thought of having underlying motivations. These may be internal or external to the individual (or both). Levels of motivation relating to homeostasis are regulated in accordance to need by a range of physiological mechanisms. Variations in motivation tend to increase fitness. -*** Variations in motivation tend to increase fitness -Many behaviors are expressed according to a distinct temporal pattern. They occur with a regular periodicity and are controlled by biological clocks -There is a genetic component to the control of biological rhythms, but their cycling is also controlled to some extent by internal and external environmental cues. Motivation Homeostatis and the motivation to drink -Our bodies have a built in system of regulators that maintain our internal environment at the peak of operating efficiency. -Homeostasis: being the coordinated physiological processes that maintain an animals body at a steady state relative to its environment. It involves the cooperative actions of the sensory system, the brain, and the organs of the body - Whether anticipatory or responsive, conditions cause a change in behavior -Motivation: internal urges. Uncnonsious (in animal behavior) -if you decide to drink before playing a sport it could be said that you were motivated to drink or that your motivation to drink changed. -Loss of water from the body of a mammal is recorded by specialist cells termed osmoreceptors that are located in the hypothalamus of the brain. -Changes in the internal water balance of the body (as a result of drinking or dehydration due to excretion, sweating, respiration, etc.) alter the osmotic environment of the cells. -A water deficits results in the loss of water from cells www.notesolution.com
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