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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Notes

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Ayesha Khan

Chapter 8: Page 219-249 (p220) Women typically have fuller lips and larger eyes than men while men have wider jaws and noses and larger chins Women’s attraction to masculine-looking faces varies around their menstrual cycle A face generated by computer-averaging the faces of 64 adult women while increasing the percentages of babyfacedness finds that 30% babyfacedness is found the most attractive by men (p222) Fluctuating asymmetry is a difference between the left and right sides of the body that results from random perturbations of development people with asymmetrical features are more likely to suffer from a variety of disorders (including intellectual disability, schizophrenia, and psychological and physiological distress) Underweight women yield a low attractiveness rating, which makes sense evolutionarily because underweight women are unlikely to be fertile (p225) The judgment of beauty depends on a blend of cultural and universal factors (p229) Coolidge effect is the revival of sexual arousal caused by the presence of a novel partner (p230) Women prefer men with somewhat more masculine faces near the time of ovulation, when they are most likely to conceive, and prefer less masculine faces at other times (p231) Asexual describes a person who never experiences sexual attraction (p232) Sexual arousal is an acute psychological state of excitement marked by sexual feelings, attractions, or desires, as well as a physiological state marked by changes in the genitalia Men were much more likely than women to fantasize manually stimulating their partner’s genitals, having more than one partner simultaneously, having sex with a virgin, watching a partner undress, making love with the possibility of being discovered, having sex with a famous person, engaging in anal sex, and forcing a partner to submit (p235) Men are more likely than women to report that they are highly aroused by watching their partner undress The anterior cingulate cortex becomes active during the viewing of erotic film clips, which is the area that also becomes active when people who are in love simply view a photo of their loved one (p236) Men are aroused by erotic images that are appropriate to their sexual orientation but women are aroused by erotic images of both women and men (p237) Testosterone levels do influence sexual arousability in adult men; men who have a profound reduction in testosterone levels for any reason suffer a gradual decline in sexual desire and activity which is reversed by testosterone replacement therapy (p238) Aphrodisiacs are substances intended to improve one’s own sexual desire, sexual performance, or sexual pleasure or to cause someone else to respond to one’s advances or to fall in love Eastern medical practioners have long claimed that ginseng root is useful in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions Recreational drugs are also used as aphrodisiacs:  Amyl nitrite (poppers); inhaled to create a brief rush and enhance pleasurable sensations and orgasms  Marijuana  Methamphetamine  Cocaine  MDMA  Heroin  Alcohol Sexual response cycle is the sequence of physiological processes that accompany sexual behaviour (p240) Masters and Johnson
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