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Anna Grivas Matejka

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Chapter OneLecture OneSEXUALITY PATHWAYS TO UNDERSTANDINGWhy Study Human Sexualityunderstanding structure and function of your genitals organs and those of your partnerslearning more about how people communicate on sexual topicslearning about sexual diversity will encourage you to be more accepting of unusual sexual desires and behaviours in others or selfeducating yourself about contraception and stdsMeaning of the word SEXfor a long time it meant male or female and not used as a term for sexual intercourse18th century sex started to broadengenital anatomy was added to the term19th century sex involved sexual attraction sexual behaviourpeople began to have their own definition of the wordit was a phenomenon bc ppl had different definitions of the word it was always changing and it varied greatly sexiness sexcrazed sex therapybefore it was known as copulation and now as sex cleaner word made lovesex was associated with negative views social scientists changed the word sex to gender gender collection of cognitive behavioural personality differences btwn men and womenSexualitysexual relationships may last a few minutes or several decads may be motivate by physical attraction emotional bonding a sense of duty a desire to be a parent a desire to conform or rebel or economic factors they may be mutually fulfilling onesided unhappy or
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