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Chapter 1

PSY354H5 Chapter 1: Sexuality: Pathways to Understanding

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Brett Beston

NotesFromReadingCHAPTER1SEXUALITYPATHWAYSTOUNDERSTANDINGPGS326WHY STUDY HUMAN SEXUALITYImproving your understanding of the structure and function of your genital organs and those of your partners will help you give and receive more pleasure from sexLearning more about how people communicate on sexual topics will increase your chances of entering into satisfying relationships and avoiding abusive onesLearning about sexual diversity will encourage you to be more understanding of unusual sexual desires and behaviourswhether in others or in yourself Educating yourself about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases will lessen the chance that your sexual behaviour may end up harming yourself or your partners Becoming knowledgeable about sex will be an asset to your future and careerespecially if entering the medical or helping fields but also any careers having contact with other peopleEducating yourself about sex will enable you to educate othersincluding own childrenBy learning to think critically about research you will become a more discriminating consumer of media reports and advertising relating to sexuality SEX RESEARCH HAS DEVELOPED FROM CONVERGING STRANDS Sexuality The feelings behaviours and identities associated with sex Observational Studies Began with AristotleIn area of sex Aristotle Greek Philosopher distinguished two fundamentally different methods by which organisms reproduce themselves sexual and asexual Aristotle believed that fetus was a result of men due to Sexism Prejudice or discrimination directed against one sexusually womenAnatomist Researcher who studies the structure of the bodyEarly Greek anatomists believed the uterus migrated around a womans pelvis and abdomen triggering physical and mental disorders Hysteria derives from Greek word for uterusWilliam Harvey predicted the female ovum while Herman Fol actually saw sperm enter ovumSpermatozoa A male gamete produced in the testisOvum pl ova A mature female gamete prior to or immediately after fertilizationSexual Ethics have Religious RootsthAccording to early Fathers of the Christian Church especially St Augustine in the 5 century all sexual behaviour was sinful because it was driven by passion rather then by the will thIn 13 century St Thomas Aquinas conceded that procreative sex within marriage was part of Gods design where all other forms of sexual expression was forbidden by ecclesiastical lawoForbidden acts vaginal sex with contraception oral or anal sex masturbation homosexual sex nonmarital sex and so onthIn the 18 century Bentham reasoned that sex between men should be legal because it brought happiness to the participants and harmed no one else Early feminists argued that women had a right to sexual pleasure ththThe 18 and early 19centuries were a period in which people began to consider whether sex forpleasure might be morally acceptable Sex Researchers Emerged in the Late Nineteenth Century The Victorian Period was a time of renewed sexual repression which emphasized female purity and by efforts to stamp out prostitution and pornographySex Researchers The scientific study of sexSexology The scientific study of sex especially of sexually dysfunctions Richard von KrafftEbing had a best seller Psychopathia Sexualis with of 237 case histories illustrating all kinds of sexual deviations including masturbation homosexuality transvestism fetishism exhibitionism pedophilia bestiality sadism masochism sexual murder etc
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