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Chapter 3

PSY354H5 Chapter 3: 3 Women's Bodies

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Brett Beston

NotesFromReadingCHAPTER3WOMENSBODIESPGS5986A WOMANS VULVA INCLUDES HER MONS LABIA VAGINAL OPENING AND CLITORISExternal Genitalia The sexual structures on the outside of the bodyVulva The female external genitalia Mons Veneris Mons The frontmost component of the vulva a mound of fatty tissue covering the pubic symphysisoThe mons may serve as a cushion for the womans pubic area during sexPubic Hair Hair that appears on portions of the external genitalia in both sexes at puberty oThe hair helps vaporize odours that arise in specialized sweat glands similar to those in the armpits these odours may act as pheromones chemical attractantsoMons with pubic hair may also be a visual trigger for sexual arousal in a womans partner since it is the most easily visible portion of the vulvaPubic Symphysis The junction of the left and right pubic bones the frontmost elements of the pelvic skeletonMany women remove some pubic hair or all of it This practice is much commoner among young women than among older womenHair removal can cause problems such as inflammation or infection of the hair follicles or in the case of laser treatment alteration of skin colorWomen can lessen the likelihood of problems by using a triplebladed razor with shaving gel shaving with rather than against the hair direction shaving less frequently and applying a mild hydrocortisone lotion after shaving Trimming with scissors or clippers is not likely to cause problems Labia Majora The outer lips fleshy skin folds partially covered in pubic hair that extend from the mons The skin of the labia majora is often darker than the skin elsewhere and it is erotically sensitive especially on the inner hairless sides of the labiaLabia Minora The inner lips hairless loose folds of skin located between the labia majora and immediately flanking the vestibuleClitoral Hood A loose fold of skin that covers the clitoris Vestibule The potential space between the left and right labia minoraThere is more to the Clitoris than Meets the EyeWithin the vestibule are three important structures the clitoris the urethral opening and the vaginal opening as well as two glands called Bartholins glands Clitoris The erectile organ in females whose external portion is located at the junction of the labia minora just in front of the vestibule Glans The terminal knob of the clitoris or penis It is the external portion that is highly sensitive knob of tissue positioned at the front of the vestibuleBoth the shaft and the glans are erectile that is they are capable of becoming larger and firmer during sexual arousalCorpus Cavernosum pl Corpora Cavernose Either of two elongated erectile structures within the penis or clitoris that also extend backward into the pelvic floorCorpus Spongiosum A single midline erectile structure In both sexes it fills the glans in males it extends backward along the underside of the penis surrounding the urethtraSmegma A whitish greasy secretion that builds up under the prepuce of the penis or clitoris It may be removed or prevented from accumulating by pulling the clitoral hood back and gently washing the area with soap and warm water Crus pl Crura Internal extension of a corpus cavernosum of the clitoris or penisVestibular Bulbs Erectile structures beneath the labia minora on either side of the vestibule Ischiocavernosus Muscle One of the muscles that attach to the internal portions of the penis and clitoris It assists with erection and in men ejaculation
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