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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 womens bodies Womens vulvaVulva the female external genitaliaMons venerispad of fatty tissue covered by skin and pubic hairoCushion for the womens pubic area during sexoHair vaporizes odors that arise in specialized sweat glands pheromones oPubic hairsexual arousal to mateHair removal common amoung younger women Pubic symphysis the line of fusion between the left and right pubic boneLabia majora outer lipstwo folds of skin extend down from the mons on either side of the vulva oPadded with fatty tissue and hairy on the surfaces oThe skin is often darker oErotically sensitive Labia minora inner lips Are two thin folds of hairless skin that lies between the 2 labia majora oVisible only after parting the labia majora for somein other women it protrudes to variable degrees oMeet at the front forming the clitoral hoodand at the backoThe area encircled by the labia is called vertibuleoGlandsblood vessels and nerve endings are very erotically sensitive oSome cultures practice labia stretchingoLabioplastyplastic surgery to reduce the size of the labia minora Within the Vestibule ClitorisoComplex organonly a portion is visible oSensory nerve fibersfunction to produce sexual arousal oOnly function is for sexual pleasureoExternal portion is the clitoral glanssmall but highly sensitive to knob of tissue positioned at the front of the vestibuleoSize of a pearlcovered or partly covered by the clitoral hoodcan be visible by retracting hood oShaft of the clitoris is about one inch longruns upwards from the glans under the hoodcannot be seen directly but can be felt oThe shaft and glans are capable of becoming bigger and firmer during arousal oTwo erectile tissue within the clitoral shaft Corpus cavernosum cavernous bodieseither of two elongated erectile structures within the penis or clitoris that also extend backwards into the pelvic floorCorpus spongiosum a single midline erectile structure in both sexes Fills the glansoOintment like secretions from the underside of the clitoral hood lubricate the motion of the hood over the clit Secretions dry and mix with dead cells and bacteria for a pasty material called smegma which can collect under the hood Can be prevented by washingoTwo external extensions of the clitorisCrus crurainternal extensions of a corpus cavernosum of the clitoris Downward from the clitoral shaftgiving the clitoris a wishbone structure3 inches long and partially enwrap the urethra Vestibular bulbs erectile structures beneath the labia minora on either side of the vestibuleoTwo muscles are associated with the clitoris Ischiocavernosus musclemuscle that surrounds each crus of the clitorisassist erection and ejaculation in men Contraction of these muscles during sexual arousal elevates the clitoral shaft and glanscausing glans to disappear under the clitoral hoodBulbospongiousus musclea muscle that attaches to the base of the clitoris and assists with erection and ejaculation in menForms a sling around the clitoral shaft and then runs downward and backward to surround the vaginal openingContraction of this muscle tightens the vaginal openingincreases clitoral erection oErection
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