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Chapter 17

PSY354H5 Chapter 17: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Brett Beston

NotesFromReadingCHAPTER17SEXUALLYTRANSMITTEDDISEASESPGS544577Venereal Diseases were seen as Punishment for Sexual License Venereal Disease Obsolete term for a sexually transmitted disease Syphilis A sexually transmitted disease caused by a spirochete Treponema pallidumthDuring the 19 century there was very little sympathy for people with syphilis They were thought to have brought the disease on themselves by engaging in a sinful behaviour thUntil the mid20 century young men commonly used prostitutes as a sexual outlet prior to marriagea practice that was likely to spread syphilis and other venereal diseases Syphilis and other venereal diseases helped make sex seem like something frightening and evil Syphilis can now be curedSTDs are Still a Major Problem in the United States 19 million new infections with STDcausing organisms occur in the US every yearAbout half of these infections occur in 15 to 24year oldsUS has the highest incidence rates for curable STDsReportable Disease A disease cases of which must be reported to health authoritiesThe main federally reportable STDs are syphilis gonorrhea chlamydia and HIVAIDSAfricanAmericans experience much higher STD rates than do other groups especially for gonorrhoea AsianAmericans have lower STD rates than do white AmericansLice and Mites are More of an Annoyance than a DangerPubic Lice Itch and Thats all they doPubic Lice Insects Phthirus pubis that preferentially infest the pubic region crabsThey are small but visiblea large adult louse may measure about a milimeter across and is dark or tancoloured while newly hatched lice are smaller and colourlessPubic lice are flat so they can lie very close to the skin makes them hard to dislodge They grasps two nearby hairs with their clawlike legs anchoring themselves in place then burrow their mouthparts into the skin and gorge on their hosts bloodPubic lice lay eggs nits which they glue onto hairs near the baseSleeping with someone is the most favourable situation for transmission The disease part of a pubic louse infestation is the itching that the lice causeplus damage done by scratching Pubic lice are treated with insecticidal lotions or shampoosScabies may be Transmitted Sexually or Nonsexually Scabies Infestation with a mite Sarcoptes scabiei that burrors within the skinBig enough to see about 05mm across but they are not usually seen because they spend most of their time in tunnels that they dig within the superficial layers of the skinTunnels are visible as reddish tracks spots or pustulesCommonly found in hairless areas such as the wrists elbows between the fingers and the knees penis breasts or back Infested people may scratch themselves to the point of causing sores which can become infected Can spread from person to person quite easilyTrichomoniasis is Caused by a ProtozoanTrichomoniasis Infection with the protozoan Trichomonas vaginalis Infection of the vagina or the male urethra and prostate glandIn women trichomoniasis is marked by a foulsmelling greenish or frothy discharge from the vagina There may be vaginal itching and redness as well as abdominal discomfort or urge to urinate frequently Some women however dont experience any symptoms
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