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Chapter 1

Ch.1: Perspectives on sexuality

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ayesha Khan

Ch 1 Perspectives on sexuality Why study sexuality Improving your understanding of the structure and function of your genital organs and those of your partners will help you give and receive more pleasure from sexLearning more on about how people communicate on sexual topics will increase your chances of entering into a satisfying relationship and avoiding abusive onesLearning about sexual diversity will encourage you to be more accepting of unusual sexual desires and behaviors whether in others or yourselfEducating yourself about contraception and sexually transmitted diseases will lessen the chance that your sexual behavior may end up harming yourself or partnersBecoming a sexpert will be an asset to you in your future career most especially if you either enter the medical field but also in any career that bring you in contact with other peopleEducating yourself about sex will enable you to educate others including your own childrenThe meaning of the word sex has broadenedOriginally sex meant male or female th 20 century began to sue the term as a phenomenon or processAs sex came to include sexual behavior it became a dirty word o Gender then came to replace sex for its original definitionWithin fields of sex research psych and soc gender has a different meaning y Gender the collection of psychological traits that differ between males and femalesSexuality refers to more than you just having sex A more accurate definition of sexuality includes sexual relationships gender and sexual identities Sex is about RelationshipsMost sexual behaviors take place in the context of relationshipsnot all Ex MasturbationSexual relationships are central to most peoples livesSexual relationships are diverse o May last few mins or several decades o May be motivated by physical attractions emotional bonding a sense of duty a desire to be a parent a desire to conform or rebel or economic factors o May be mutually fulfilling onesided unhappy or abusive o may involve similar or dissimilar ppl o may involve 2 individuals or several o may be centered on sex or have sex as a more incidental feature o may be recognized and approved by society or they may be hidden and disapproved of or illegal o sometimes relationships that the outside world assumes to be sexual are not sexual at allreal life sexual relationships are not idealwhether we look for a partner for a night or a lifetime we consciously or unconsciously look for the best partner where best refers to all kinds of tangible qualities o people choose and are chosen o net result is a matching that confers varying degrees of satisfaction
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