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Chapter 3

Ch. 3: Women's bodies

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Ayesha Khan

Ch 3 Womens bodies A Womans Vulva includes her Mons Labia Vaginal opening Clitoris girls often learn its not nice to talk a part these body partsVulva female external genitaliaMonse Veneris mons Front most component of the Vulva A mound of fatty tissue covering the pubic symphysis Also have pubic hair Serves as a cushion The hair helps vaporize odors these odors may act as pheromones May be a visual trigger of arousal since its the most easily visible Pubic Symphysis The junction of the left and right pubic bones the front most elements of the pelvic skeleton Some have pubic hair Japanese find pubic hari attractiveHair removal con cause problems like inflammation or infection of the hair folliclesLabia Majora outer lips 2 folds of skin extend down both sideSEE PPT FOR THE PARTS STRUCTURE and FUNCTIONAppearance of Vaginal Opening is variableHymen a membrane usually perforated or incomplete that covers the opening of the vagina It may be ruptured by first sex or other reasons o Annular Hymen most common Round central opening large enough for passage of the menstrual flow and insertion of a tampon but usually not large enough for sex o Septate Hymen Opening may be crossed by a band of tissue o Cribiform Hymen small openings o Imperferate Hymen completely coveredFemale CircumsionSunnah Clitoral hood is incised or removed least invasive Roughly analogous to male circumsionClitoridectomy entire clitoral glands and shaft are removed along with the hood and sometimes nearby portions of the labia minoraInfibulation most invasive Starts with clitrodectomy and then the abraded edges are stitched together Only a small opening is left for urin and menstrual blood Often done with a lack of training with crude instruments and no anesthesiaVagina is the outermost portion of the female reproductive tractReproductive tract serves for transport of the males sperm and the females eggs Ova as well as fertilization pregnancy and passage of the fetus during childbirthVagina muscular tube Extending from vestibule to uterine cervix Plays a role in sperm transport and along with the cervix forms the birth canal through which a fetus is deliveredVaginal wall is an elastic and is made up of 3 layers 1 A thin Mucosa Layer lubricated by secretions of the mucous glands 2 Intermediate muscular layer 3 Outermost fibroelastic The outer third of the vagina near the vaginal opening has a diff dev Origin that the internal portion and it has a different structure outer third is tighter more muscular and more innervated
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