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Chapter 4

Ch. 4: Men's Bodies

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Ayesha Khan

Ch 4 Mens Bodies more research on mens bodies The Male External Genitalia are the penis and scrotum The penis combines Erotic reproductive and excretory functionsdevelopmentally the penis is equivalent to the clitoris functionally the penis corresponds with the clitoris urethra and vagina foreskin covers the glanspenis naturally uncircumcised has 3 visible portions a shaft head and foreskin circumsion in 13 of infants but declining More common in whites medical benefits mainly greater reduction of urinary tract infections Also reducing the risk of transmitted diseases and virus Also facilitates hygiene smegma greasy secretion that build up can occur in uncircumcised mean also has potential risksalthough not as likely damage to the penis during the surgery shaft of the penis contains 3 erectile structures 2 corpora cavernosa Which lie side by side and account for thr bulk of the penises erection and a single corpus spongiosumThe copora cavernosa are surrounded by a tough connective tissue capsule the tunica albuginessupersensory ligament a ligament that connects the root of the penis to the pubic symphysis Penis Bulb an expansion of the corpus spongiosum at the root of the penis Ischiocavernososus and bulbospongiosus these muscles are considerably larger in males and they assist with erection of the penis and ejaculation The bulbospongiosus is an integral part of the external anal sph
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