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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Production of Speech and Language.docx

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Stephen Arnott

Chapter 8 Production of Speech and Language1Slips of the Tongue2Formulation of Linguistic Plans 3Implementing Linguistic Plans4Insights from Sign LanguageSpeech production consists of 4 major stages Conceptualizing a thought to be expressedFormulating a linguistic plan Articulating the plan through muscles Selfmonitoring of speechSlips of the Tongue Refer to speech errors that are not that common but all speakers make them occasionally esp Rev William Archibald Spooner spoonerisms due to cerebral dysfunction Major Types of Slips of the Tongue1Shift linguistic segment disappears from location and appears somewhere else iedecide to hits it rather than decides to hit it2Exchange double shifts 2 linguistic units change places ie getting you model renosed than getting your nose remodelled3Anticipation later speech segment takes place of an earlier one ie bake my bike than take my bike4Perseveration earlier segment replaces a later item He pulled a pantrum tantrum5Addition add lingistic material ie I didnt explain this carefully enough carefully enough6Deletion leave something out ie say loving but it is unloving7Substitution one segment is replaced by an intruder which may not be in sentence ie At low speeds it is too light heavy8Blend more than 1 item is considered and 2 unintended items blend into a single item ie Spaddled spankedpaddledCommon Properties of Speech Errors Garrett 1975 described 4 generalizations about speech errors that occur with highly regular patterns1Elements that interact with one another tend to come from similar linguistic environmentsie Children interfere with your nife lite night life The phonetic segments at beginning of word are exchanged with other initial segments the 1
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